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No charges against an Oklahoma man for killing two home intruders (Oklahoma)

No charges will be filled against Rodney Steven Andrews, 55, when he acted in self-defense killing Gary Michael Robison, 66, and Bradley Wayne Rader, 35 when they entered his home. The shootings happened Thursday afternoon at a home on Highway 70 east of Bennington. According to the report a woman claims she had been assaulted earlier in that day by Andrews. Robison, Rader and a juvenile went to the house to confront Andrews and entered the home; Andrews shot in self-defense (so much for Chivalry)

The investigation revealed that the incident was a “home invasion.” No weapons were reported to have been used by the men. Andrews, however, was charged with manufacturing meth and unlawful use of a police radio. Deputies said two meth labs were found in the home. Andrews remains in jail on $100,000 bond. (“DOH”)

(Talk about pruning the family tree… OMG)

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