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We can stop rape by telling men 'not to rape women' (Democratic strategist)

"She was arguing against women using guns as a means of self-defense"

“We can prevent rape by telling men not to commit it,” Maxwell said,

Maxwell, who is a rape survivor herself, said she wants women to “not be in this situation.” She added that if you “train” men not to be rapists, we can prevent rape.

stick a for in me, I'm done... With thinking like this I am surprised she isn’t mayor of Chicago

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old enough to know better but too young to resist

Posts: News / We can stop rape by telling men 'not to rape women' (Democratic strategist)

Posted By: Jayson
03/06/13 10:53 PM

Training to not be rapist? Is that good for college credit?
Posted By: Michael
03/07/13 04:12 AM

I call BS on Fox. This girl really believes this - true. but to call her a democratic this chick. you will see she is nothing more than a retard with a blog...and like a lame bad blog that no one reads. Until fox dug this dunce up she had no voice to speak of. most democrats i know are anti-gun and usually for misguided reasons - but i don't personally know a single democrat that believes the retardedness this doofus is spitting up.
Posted By: Michael
03/07/13 04:14 AM

lol @ college credit. Im a self taught non rapist - can I clep it?