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The Ninjas Did It Officer, I Swear (Chicago)

A 17 year old gang member from Chicago suffered a gunshot wound in the groin Friday night. When asked by police what happened he reported that ninjas did it.

That sound plausible to me because, after all, if he managed to get a gun in a city with gun control laws, I suppose ninjas could be prowling the city as well. After a brief investigation it turned out that the mental midget was driving around in a car with some female friends and was showing off his gun to impress them.

Gun goes off, he blames ninjas. Wouldn't you.

What I really like is how the media keeps using this story to talk about how dangerous guns are and no one is mentioning how, even with some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, a 17-year-old moron managed to get one and shoot himself in the nuts.

That city sucks. On the upside, maybe these are the ninjas that did it:

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Posted By: Jayson
03/17/13 01:30 PM

Silly Jason, TMNT don't use guns
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/17/13 01:58 PM

Too bad it didn't blow his dick off, the IQ level in Chicago would have go up’

YEA BITCH, I‘M bad, see my gun…. BANG!...MOMMY, I want my MOMMY

Posted By: holymoleygone
03/18/13 04:51 PM

Hey, another thought, maybe he did blow his nuts off and that means one less sperm donor for the welfare gene pool.
Posted By: barstoolguru
03/19/13 11:13 AM

"one less sperm donor for the welfare gene pool."

we should be so lucky. this came out some time ago but every time mentions something about welfare it comes to mind:

25 Year old "Entrepreneur" killed. He ONLY had 9 kids!
Posted By: Jason
03/19/13 11:26 AM

I think everyone should have a cool nickname for their obituary.

It just makes him seem so much more talented.