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Another day, another arrest at a Batman movie.

This time it's in Connecticut, where prominent attorney Sung-Ho Hwang, the president-elect of the New Haven County Bar Association was carrying his concealed weapon into a showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Police then entered the theater and asked all of the patrons to raise their hands and file out of the theater.

This is where the stories differ.

The police department says that Hwang refused to reply to commands and remained seated while talking on his phone. The officers ultimately approached with weapons drawn and took him into custody by force.

According to Hwang's lawyer, Hugh Keefe, ‘‘He’s doing everything by the book. He has a permit to carry. He’s out at a movie theater. Suddenly people are pointing guns at him". According to Keefe police were not going to arrest Hwang as he was carrying legally but New Haven Chief of Police Dean M. Esserman ordered the arrest.

‘‘When baseless breach of peace and interfering charges are brought against people that have a right to carry, it really threatens our constitutional right to bear arms,’’ Hwang said.

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Posted By: Jayson
08/09/12 12:41 AM

Alright, seriously. What the hell is it about this movie? I've heard it sucks, but can it really be this bad.
Posted By: kjhansen
11/02/12 07:32 AM

Not doing what the police ask you to do is stupid and draws attention to you. What did he think would happen?
Posted By: Jason
11/02/12 10:37 AM


It turns out that police had received multiple calls of a man with a gun in that theater. Hwang wasn't doing much of a job concealing his concealed weapon if multiple people called 911 from that theater. With multiple calls of a man with a gun in a Batman movie just a week after Aurora, I can understand why the PD had everyone walk out with hands raised in single file. Even then, Hwang was uncooperative with authorities.

As the mayor of New Haven said the next day, "Sometimes just because something is legal doesn't make it right".

Sometimes common sense needs to win out. Simply doing a better job of concealing would have prevented Mr. Hwang from this headache. More importantly, just using common sense and following police instructions in a time and place of high alert status would have avoided the headache for everyone else in the theater.