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gun battle with homeowner leaves two dead (Texas) breaking news

Two armed men have shootout with a homeowner in the small town of Maypearl, TX. This is just breaking so bear with me and I will update it later.

A woman called her husband and told him two men are trying to break in the back door. The man comes home and confronts the two and a gun battle breaks out.

The HO injured one but somehow the suspects shoot each other. The truck was stolen from Oklahoma and they were dressed in cameos and heavily armed.

update: Kenneth Chaffin, 17, is a suspect in the theft. According to police, he ran away from his parents’ house Tuesday with several handguns and rifles

she called her husband and he was already entering the driveway returning home and he fired shots at the suspects trying to enter the home.

This is the news from Oklahoma, interview with the father from yesterday and an update from today:
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