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Understanding The Connecticut Violent Criminal Support Act

Connecticut did a solid for violent crime today. Here is a cheat sheet so law abiding citizens and violent criminals will understand how the legislation affects them.

1. Law abiding citizens can only have 10 round magazines.
-Criminals can still have as much capacity as they want.

2. Law abiding citizens with older large capacity magazines can only load 10 bullets in the magazines except when at home or a shooting range.
-Criminals can still have as many bullets as they want.

3. Law abiding citizens must register for eligibility to buy rifles, shotguns and/or ammunition.
-Criminals still don't have to register and are automatically eligible to possess any gun with as much ammunition as they can possibly carry.

Way to go Connecticut! Now that you've disarmed law abiding citizens your children are safe...from law abiding citizens. Wait. What?

About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.