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72-year-old shoots, disables burglars car (California)

Saturday evening 72-year-old Jacques Cadgene and his wife returned to their Santa Rosa, California home from grocery shopping to find a strange car in their driveway. The couple then saw an unknown woman look out at them from the front window of their home.

Jacques went inside and confronted the woman and she told him she was looking for someone. Another woman then appeared and the two said they were leaving. Jacques grabbed his 9mm handgun and put it into his waistband. He followed the women outside and told them they could not leave and police were on the way.

One of the women walked down the driveway and left while the other woman retreated to her car. Jacques then moved his car to block the driveway while waiting for officers to arrive. As he stood nearby the car, the woman approached in her car, revving the engine repeatedly.

She attempted to swerve off the narrow driveway and then turn back on, coming within 2-3 feet of Jacques. Worried she was trying to hit him Jacques fired three rounds into the hood of the car.

"I'm an old man and when someone drives a car at me, I shot to disable the car," Jacques said.

The driver, Shaylin Kay Laumann, made it several blocks before her car died. She pulled into a service station and called police. As she was making her call, deputies arrived at Jacques' house and connected the dots. Laumann was arrested, identified her accomplice as Lucie Anne Abramson and led police to Abramson's house.

During booking, police found methamphetamine in Laumann's bra.