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Homeowner shoots, kills burglar in the act (Florida)

31-year-old Earnest Holdman was a career criminal whose career came to an abrupt end last week.

It seems Holdman decided he was going to break into a Miami area home and steal some lawn equipment. How was Holdman goign to break into the trailer that stored the equipment? By cutting a hole in the roof. Yup.

The appropriately named resident, Dennis Law, found Holdman in the act and opened fire three times on the criminal. Holdman fled the scene and only made it to the house next door where he was found dead by police.

A quick summary of Holdman's criminal record:


F-10-024001 08/17/2010 09/07/2010 TAMPER/PHYS EVIDENCE
M-12-000199 01/03/2012 02/06/2012 TRESPASS/PROPERTY
F-11-030753 11/29/2011 01/03/2012 GRAND THEFT 3RD DEG
B-11-002965 01/22/2011 01/22/2011 LOITERING OR PROWL
M-10-036040 07/20/2010 07/20/2010 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-09-038723 12/01/2009 12/21/2009 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-07-012438 04/10/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/DWELL
F-07-017737 05/24/2007 06/21/2007 UNEMPLOY COMP FRAUD
F-07-008193 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC
F-07-008192 03/06/2007 05/08/2007 STOLEN PROP/DEAL IN
F-00-019592 06/21/2000 10/10/2000 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
F-99-007259 03/01/1999 04/07/1999 ROBBERY/STRONGARM
M-99-003665 01/20/1999 04/09/1999 CANNABIS/POSN/0-20
F-98-042799 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATT/SPORTS OFFICIAL
F-98-042788 12/22/1998 02/05/1999 BATTERY/AGG/ATT
M-09-036581 06/20/2009 07/27/2009 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-09-020433 06/20/2009 07/20/2009 BURGLARY/UNOCC CONVY
M-06-019937 04/17/2006 04/17/2006 RESIST OFF W/O VIOL
F-02-018589 06/26/2002 03/25/2003 ROBB/SUDDEN SNATCH
F-03-011385 04/24/2003 05/14/2003 BATTERY/FELONY
M-03-023199 05/14/2003 10/14/2003 BATTERY
F-05-012399 04/19/2005 05/18/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-05-012399-A 04/19/2005 08/05/2005 COKE/SELL/DEL/W/INT
F-12-008238 04/04/2012 05/03/2012 BURGLARY/UNOCC/STRUC

Posts: News / Homeowner shoots, kills burglar in the act (Florida)

Posted By: holymoleygone
04/02/13 02:27 PM

I like Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law. 776.013 (d) (4) A person who unlawfully and by force enters or attempts to enter a person’s dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle is presumed to be doing so with the intent to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence. Pretty much sums it up right there. Just make sure the shitbird is dead (if your going to shoot), so they can't come back at ya with a lawsuit!
In contrast with the John Wayne syndrome, taking a human life will haunt you for a life time, unless your a psychopath. Ask anyone who has taken a human life.
Posted By: barstoolguru
04/02/13 02:52 PM

"taking a human life will haunt you for a life time, unless your a psychopath"

I drink a lot so I will get over it