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Right place at the right time - bystander stops intruder (Georgia)

John Anthony Brown is another career criminal at the tender age of 20. Brown was released from prison in February. What do career criminals do?

They commit crime!

Just after midnight Tuesday morning, brown approached a Macon, Georgia and knocked on the door. The homeowner, in bed at the time, said the voice on the other side of the door sounded familiar and went to open the door.

According to Macon Police Officer Jami Gaudet, "As he began to open the door, Brown pushed a revolver through the opening and began forcing his way in, announcing his intention to rob the occupants. Brown forced his way into the residence aided by a second subject. While the men wrestled over control of the weapon a passerby saw the fight".

As the bystander, homeowner, and Brown fought over the revolver it fired once - striking Brown in the leg. Brown dropped his possessions and fled the scene

When police arrived they found him wounded at the house next door.

Upside of the story? Although his injury is not life-threatening, it will require multiple surgeries and hospitalization.
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