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Senior Citizen Shoots Two Intruders, Kills One (Washington)

Just before 4:00 Friday morning (April 5th), Maple Valley, Washington 911 operators received a phone call from a 66-year-old property owner.

The man reported hearing people and "banging noises" on his property. As it turns out, two people were breaking into a large storage container on his property.

Suddenly, the line went dead for the 911 operators. Moments later, they received another call from the same 66-year-old man stating he had shot two people on his property.

When deputies from the King County Sheriff's Office responded they found one man dead on the scene and a woman seriously injured. The woman was transported to the hospital for treatment.

The dead man had an extensive history of property crimes and police plan to pursue criminal charges against the woman. Over the past week there were 8 burglaries in the immediate neighborhood. As one neighbor explained the local crime, "I think he (the homeowner) has had an ongoing problem with people stealing stuff from him here and nothing seems to get done about it."

The homeowner has not been arrested and, according to Detective Jason Stanley, "What we are saying is that it's possible to feel threatened on your own property even if someone is unarmed".

It's about time someone explained it that clearly.