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Burger King robber doesn't get it his way (Florida)

Travis Trenard Harris and his accomplice Ramon Smalls thought they could "Have It Your Way" and Burger King in Miami. How so? The two mental midgets tried to rob a downtown Miami, Florida Burger King Friday afternoon (April 5th).

Harris walked into the Burger King and approached a family sitting at a table and said, "No disrespect, but I need to take these phones". I guess since he said no disrespect, I guess it's okay for him to rob honest people grabbing lunch. Harris then grabbed the phones and began to run out of the store towards a waiting F-150 pickup driven by Smalls.

This is Florida, specifically Miami. You really have to remember that actions have consequences out here. And they did. As Harris fled the scene, one of his would be victims drew his weapon and fired, striking Harris in the leg.

The criminal still jumped into the car and they fled the scene. Police were able to catch up to them at a nearby gas station because these morons did a robbery while the truck was almost out of gas. That's right, they pulled over just 10 blocks away to get gas.

Harris was transported to the local trauma center for treatment of the gunshot wound and Smalls was placed under arrest.

Two of the victims picked Harris out of a photo lineup and police found one of the victim’s cellphone in the pickup truck.