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Woman with hand gun stops chain of robberies (Texas)

Scott Allen Willis, was a man on a crime spree who went one robbery to many.

After being successful in committing a chain of robberies over a period of weeks he figured he was on a roll UNTIL he came across the wrong victim.

Early Sunday morning (April 7th) in Beaumont, Texas Willis and his accomplices Malik Washington and Ariel Malveaux abducted one woman and drove her to the ATM. At the ATM they forced her to withdraw money and then released her.

The trio then tried to rob a pair of women at their home, according to police. One of the woman was armed and decided to act. She drew her gun and fired into Willis' stomach.

The crime-wave inducing trio fled the scene and were later arrested when they arrived at the hospital so Willis could get treatment for the gunshot wound.

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