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Mayor Against Guns Tries To Coerce Sex At Gunpoint (Pennsylvania)

One of Mayor Michael Bloomberg's personal friends from "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", Mayor James Schiliro of Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania has run into a little problem.

To paraphrase former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, the worst thing for a politician is to be found in bed "with a dead girl or a live boy".

Whoops... Mayor Schiliro, a member of the Bloomberg gun control organization, was caught using a gun. But it's so much better than that. He is accused of ordering a local police officer to bring his 20-year-old male personal trainer to his home. At that point the Schiliro offered the 20-year-old alcohol and began making sexual advances, which the man declined.

Mayor Hypocrite Schiliro then started brandishing several guns, waving them recklessly about. Ultimately, Schiliro fired a round into the floor in an attempt to intimidate the young man.

So I suppose being found using handguns to threaten and intimidate a live boy into having sex with you is worse, right?

Oh yeah, Mayor Schiliro has refused to step down from office. It must be a blast to live in Marcus Hook these days.

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Posted By: holymoleygone
04/08/13 04:36 PM

Mayors can't order COP's to do anything. Ordering a cop to bring an adult male back to the mayor's house is called "Unlawful Detention" . We had a mayor that thought he was bullet proof until I gave him a citation for running a red light. Boy, that caused a stir in city hall and the "Honorable Mayor" took me to court where a judge from another jurisdiction found him guilt:~) God, that made my day! Shitbird mayor's like this outta be tarred and feathered and run outta town riding a 2x4