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Burglars ram homeowner's vehicle, he shoots (Tennessee)

Jimmy Foster came home Saturday (April 6th) to find a black Ford Taurus in his driveway. Jimmy doesn't own a black Taurus nor does he know anyone who does. More upsetting, Jimmy found two men and a woman loading property into the Taurus... Jimmy's property.

Seeing this, Jimmy got out of his vehicle to confront the criminals. The three burglars, now identified as Amanda Marie Webber, Christopher Lynn Harness, and Nicholas David Hedge jumped into their Taurus and drove straight at Jimmy, ramming his car.

Fearing for his life because, you know, a car was being driven at him Jimmy drew his handgun and fired at the car. He struck one of the tires but the criminals fled the scene.

With their car disabled the three abandoned their car and tried to flee on foot. They all failed.

Posts: News / Burglars ram homeowner's vehicle, he shoots (Tennessee)

Posted By: barstoolguru
04/11/13 05:13 PM

downloaded that pic and printing it for my next range trip