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Police say criminal "Had a busy night" (Oregon)

Cliff notes version: Police arrested Jamel Gerald Vanhook on charges of second-degree robbery, first-degree theft, possession of methamphetamine and a warrant for failing to appear in court after he was caught having stolen a backpack from a pedestrian.

It seems Vanhook was riding around on his bicycle randomly robbing people Friday night (April 5th). One of his victims gave a good description and police caught Vanhook. No DGU there right? It get's better.

"He refused to give us a statement about the robbery, but he did say something that interested us," Medford Police Lieutenant Mike Budreau said.

Vanhook offhandedly mentioned being shot at earlier that night in another part of west Medford.

Police checked the night's records and found that a shooting had been reported earlier that night near the area of West 11th and Newtown streets.

Officers scoured the scene and found a shell casing on the ground. Neighbors reported hearing gunfire seeing a muzzle flash about a half hour after the earlier robbery, Budreau said.

Although Jamel Gerald Vanhook didn't admit to it, police strongly suspect that he approached another person that night for an attempted robbery. Only this time the intended victim pulled a gun and fired a round at Vanhook, Budreau said.