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Retired Marine Puts Himself In The Line of Fire To Protect Others (North Carolina)

It was early Sunday morning (April 14th) at Flyers bar in Havelock, North Carolina when a scuffle broke out. The melee consisted of close to a dozen people and was soon broken up by the bouncers at the bar, including retired United States Marine Todd North.

Todd immediately told the wait staff to lock themselves into the back area to protect themselves - something he had never done before. The scuffle ended, and things slowly got back to normal - for a Saturday night / Sunday morning at a North Carolina bar. Shortly after things calmed down, 18-year-old Jonathan Pugh returned with a gun in hand.

As Pugh approached and tried to enter the bar, Todd stepped into the doorway and used his body to shield the entrance and prevent the gunman from entering. Pugh fired three times, striking North. North was armed as well drew his gun and returned fire, striking Pugh.

Despite the best efforts of a Navy Corpsman and other military personnel who were on site at the time of the incident, he died at the scene.

"He stepped right in front of the door and until his last breath he was still trying to lock the door so that the guy couldn't get in", said one of Norths co-workers.

Longtime friend Bull Austin knows North Saved his life, "About the time this all happened I told him 'man, I'm getting ready to get out of here', and he said you don't want to do that and pushed me off to the side. About the time he got into the door three shots went off and he unfortunately got both of them."

Two other people were struck directly by the bullets and people were struck by ricochets.

North leaves behind a wife and a toddler son.

When asked if he had any message for North's son Austin said simply, "Your dad was a hell of a man".

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Posted By: barstoolguru
04/16/13 01:36 PM

What a punk, they need to give him the chair for that. It premeditated