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Gunman Opens Fire In Preschool... in Canada?

Back on April 5th, police near Quebec received a call of a man with a shotgun at a daycare center.

The daycare center consists of two buildings. When police arrived they found a daycare center employee dead in one building and the gunman dead inside of another.

It is believed that the shooting was over a recent separation one of the men had been involved in. The buildings are very small and it is believed that many of the 53 children saw the shootings.

My question to you is... how much would this be on the news if it happened here in the States? Did it get buried because it doesn't fit the idea that Americans are savage and everyone else is sitting around singing Kumbaya?

Posts: News / Gunman Opens Fire In Preschool... in Canada?

Posted By: Michael
04/17/13 01:48 AM

is murder legal in canada? maybe thats why it isnt news.