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75-year-old Attacked In Road Rage Incident, Shoots Back (Florida)

A traffic incident in a parking lot turned violent last Saturday (April 13th) as 51-year-old Douglas Bradley assaulted a senior citizen.

75-year-old Michael O'Mara made a left turn in front of Bradley of Land O'Lakes, Florida (found in the dairy section) and it made Bradley so mad that he started to follow O’Mara.

O'Mara told police he heard a horn honking and noticed the car following him closely.

A witness told deputies that Bradley was "yelling and cursing" at O'Mara, then punched him through the driver's side window, that is when O’Mara pulled his 38 and shot Bradley in the shoulder.

Not only did Bradley get shot but he is being charged with Burglary with assault or battery is a first-degree felony in Florida. Records show Bradley, who was listed as unemployed, has no previous arrests in Florida.
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