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No gun to hurt someone with; how about a meat cleaver (Illinois)

never make the cook mad or at least wait for him to put down the meat cleaver. Xiubin Mei 62 is charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery stemming from the August 2011 incident that left his boss, Riu Zhong, and co-worker Yi Hui, with severe lacerations.

His defense: he was defending himself against an aggressive boss who had punched him, and had no intention of trying to kill anyone. Mei showed up for work late that day, Zhong was pissed off and told Mei he wasn’t doing a good job. Zhong told him he would be fired!

Quoted:“Mr. Mei didn’t take the criticism very well,” Gerber told the jury. “The argument became heated, he picked up a cleaver and hit Miss Li in the head. Then he hit Mr. Zhong in the hand and nearly chopped off his ear. He came close to death.” (Mei has mother issues?)

The trial continues

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