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Could This Be Why Background Checks Failed?

Here's a dirty little secret about gun control that the media and many politicians see no reason to share:

Nobody cares about gun control

Okay, that's not fair. All of us care about gun rights vehemently. And the gun grabbers care because it's their cause du jour or they are true believers of a misguided cause (like believing in the Dark Side because it seems so much more powerful).

Other than that, nobody really gives two shits. How can I say that? The good folks at Gallup ran a poll from April 4th through the 7th asking the open ended question, "What do you think is the most important problem facing this country today?".

Guns and gun control came in 9th... statistically just ahead of North Korea and just behind education. And what percentage of the people said guns are the most pressing issue? 4%.

So when you hear things like 90% of the people agree with this or with that, realize it's not just what people say they care about that counts, it's what truly matters and is a priority that makes our Republic respond. Of course, the media gets far better ratings talking about gun control than about the economy (#1 answer), dissatisfaction with the government (#3), or the Federal debt (#4).