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Senior citizen assaulted in home invasion but fights back (Indiana)

It started with a knock on the door.

80-year-old Ted Miracle answered the door and saw a stranger on his porch. The stranger simply asked for a glass of water and Miracle obliged.

The suspect, Dennis Anderson, then forced the homeowner into a bedroom and demanding money. Anderson began looking through Miracle’s belongings and Ted saw an opportunity to retrieve the handgun he keeps in his bedroom for protection. Ted grabbed the gun and fired, shooting the robber in the stomach.

Anderson fled the scene but showed up later in the hospital where he was arrested. Police have since connected Anderson to a February home invasion using the same modus operandi. In the February case, a 72 year old woman was robbed by a man police believe to be Anderson. The victim told officers a man had knocked on her door and asked for water. The man forced his way in and assaulted her. He then stole her wallet and ran from the house.

Now I'm really happy Ted shot the piece of crap who targeted seniors.
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old enough to know better but too young to resist