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When you just gotta have that Bigmac and can't wait any longer (Georgia)

18-year-old Ryan Mash found out the hard way; don’t tie up the line. So was this a serious case of the munchies or a terminal meltdown. Lots of people get intense cravings for fast food, but one Georgia cop alleged Big Mac attack might earn him some time behind bars just like the hambulglar

DeKalb County police Sgt. Scott Biumi is charged with felony aggravated assault after he got tired of waiting and walked up to mash and pulled his service weapon and stuck it to his neck.

"He's like, 'Well, you don't know who you're messing with ... there's some crazy people out there.' And that's when he pulled the gun on me, and kept on yelling at me for about thirty more seconds," Mash said

Biumi was released from jail on $22,000 bond (this is for attempted murder, talk about favoritism)

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