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Do Strict Gun Laws Really Stop Gun Crime? a more objective look

This is some good reading and a video, if you never heard this professor talk about gun control he brings up some very good points about how statistics are collected. I added some inserts from the article to get you started so you have a base and understand the origins; Enjoy

This article is part of a series on Guns in America that explores the use of firearms in our country and the debate over gun control. This is an editorially independent series sponsored by Tactical Firearms Training Secrets.

The more lax gun laws are, the argument goes, the more likely one is to face someone with a firearm who has no business owning one. This is especially the case with respect to so-called assault weapons, where advocates of a ban can point to at least one study that shows that states that implement a ban on such weapons are less likely to suffer from gun violence.

Yet according to at least one expert — constitutional historian Robert Cottrol – assault weapons bans are “a fraud” perpetrated “to fool the public into accepting a movement that had been rejected not simply in conservative red states, but also in blue states.” Others are even more forceful, rejecting the idea that gun control is effective at all.

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