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What do you mean you don't believe me? It was self-defense I swear (Wash State)

A riverside man claims self-defense in a shooting and stabbing (kicking, slapping, spiting, cursing and calling his mother a bad name) of 55-year-old Bruce R. Molony. They booked Don A. Moore, 65, on suspicion of first-degree murder. Moore told detctives that Molony was house sitting for him and he noticed that several things came up missing but when he seen that a clutch from one of his trucks was missing he went to confront Molony.

Moore admitted he pulled a gun but Molony pulled a knife and stabbed him and that is when β€œI emptied my gun in him, and then I stabbed him.” He added, β€œIt was brutal. There was blood everywhere.”

Detectives believe he was trying to leave the scene, but drove off the edge of the steep driveway and down a bank before going back to the scene and calling police.

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