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Man defends his home and woman with an AR-15 hunting rifle (Penn)

Friday night a man who wants to remain anonymous had to defend his place of residence against 32-year-old Jasper Brisbon with an AR-15. The man was standing outside of his apartment with his girlfriend when Brisbon walked towards them. The man said that Brisbon seem to be on drug and was acting funny so he took his woman and made their way to the door.

The two went to the front door and waited for someone to let them in and Brisbon started to get closed. as They entered the apartment Brisbon forced his way in between the two. The man fearing for his life quickly ran to the bedroom and retrieved his AR-15 hunting rifle. He ordered Brisbon to leave but but Brisbon refused and the homeowner fearing for himself and the people living with him shot Brisbon one time. Brisbon was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead

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