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A view into a self-defense shooter's mind (the during and aftermath)

Sometimes it’s good to know how other’s react to a self-defense shooting and then it’s better not to know so when the time comes it won’t cloud your mind on what needs to be done. I found this and I thought it was a good read and to remind us why we carry.

One problem I have with the first article is he used a gun in self defense BUT he had an empty chamber for whatever reason I don’t know but it could have cost him his life; After all he is trying to draw on a man that already has a gun to his neck and then challenge him by giving him the option to drop his gun or shoot it out

Wolf began by playing along. He handed over his wallet. Then he asked if he could have his license back. The distraction gave Wolf the precious split second in a stick-up he needed to pull his own weapon, rack a round into the chamber and tell the robber to drop it.

But the surprised robber raised his own gun back up

Did Wolf expect anything different ?

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