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Bad day to wear that shirt (FloriDUH were else)

The 39-year-old Don Castner picked the wrong day to wear a “JAIL SUCKS” t-shirt. Picked up on welfare fraud charges with his codefendants, they were swept up in “Operation Meal Ticket”. Castner, who is locked up and with only a $5000 bond after being charged with felony welfare fraud for allegedly selling Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards to undercover agents. Some suspects used the proceeds of the illegal EBT card sales to purchase drugs and alcohol.( really; Did they think they were going to Disney world with the money?)

Quoted: Castner’s disdain for confined spaces is likely a byproduct of his lengthy rap sheet, which includes collars for burglary; battery; drug possession; contempt of court; assault on a law enforcement officer; and domestic battery by strangulation. ( a rap sheet like this and they don’t see him as a flight risk and gave him just a $5000 bond)

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