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How many times can you get fired from the police dept.? (FloriDUH)

Evidently the magic number is 8 so far; will he go for 9. The Opa-Locka Police Department Wednesday argued before an arbitrator that one of their own officers deserved to be fired — for the sixth time — because he left his department AR-15 assault-style rifle with a friend and he a sergeant no less. The rep for Sgt. German Bosque argued it was OK because the sergeant new the man he called “Daddy” and he was a licensed security guard.

Over the years, he has faced allegations of cracking a suspect's scull, beating juveniles up, having dope in a patrol car, stealing from suspects, falsifying reports, conducting an unauthorized car chased where four people were killed and “calling in sick…from Cancun.” And he is still on the payroll. you gotta love the union

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