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You just can't make this stuff up ( not gun related but too funny)

A 42-year-old UK man named Raymond Cuss claims that an off-brand shower gel from UK equivalent of a 99 cent store left him with a burned penis and testicles.

Cuss,( I bet he was) said a layer of skin was removed from his manhood and left inflamed and red after using the a cheap off-brand shower gel in the shower. He was awarded £1,000 ($1500 us dollars) in an out of court settlement. Apparently, he used an off-brand lawyer to take his case as well. (lmfao)

The chemistry experts over at the 99 cent Store suggested that the reaction was due to the carpet cleaning chemicals Cuss used in his job that somehow mixed with the gel. But unless he directly applied the carpet cleaner on his own personal rug then I doubt that was the reason for his burn. (Sounds to me like someone was reading the latest issue of Penthouse without washing his hands first)

The Headline two weeks from now will read: “Even cheaper shower gel leaves man with burnt testicles, again.”

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old enough to know better but too young to resist