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He might be blind but he still kicks some ass (OKlohoma)

When Christopher Andrew, 27, observed Gordon Besaw, 51, he thought he had an easy mark. what this punk didn’t know is that Besaw is X special forces and even though he is blind he can still hold his own. On his way to the VA hospital in Oklahoma City with Derby, his seeing-eye dog, Andrew approached him and asked “are you blind?” and Besaw replied yes.

“He said, ‘I can make you see before you see God’ And punched Besaw in the head.

“He said, ‘I can make you see again’ and hit him a second time. Besaw says to him “‘Man, you’re not going to like the way this is going to go’.”

Then to Andrews surprise Besaw tossed him like a garden salad to the ground and started to chock him (too bad he didn’t finish him off)

When police showed up they found Besaw on top of Andrew. They arrested him and is now facing felony charges for aggravated assault and battery

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old enough to know better but too young to resist