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Who wants a FREE shotgun; I do, I do Oooo pick me, pick me! (NYC)

Bloomberg stands behind his statement that 90% of all Americans want more gun control (yet to see the proof) but what he doesn’t tell you is that 100% of New Yorkers like free shotguns.

Kyle coplan did his own poll (has a + or – of 0%); founder of “armed citizen project” he wants to give away free shotguns to anyone that passes a background check and free weapons training.

I figure Bloomberg is chocking on that second slice of pizza when he heard this. Coplan say forget the gun buybacks we are getting ready for a gun giveaway. “We’re coming — and we’re going to get shotguns into the hands of responsible citizens,” said Kyle Coplen

The Armed Citizen Project will not be stopping with New York. ACP wants to arm homeowners and single women in Chicago. 15 cities have been chosen to start: training included for a safer America

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