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it doesn't; sure does sound like it to me (Illinois)

as the deadline gets closer and no bill in sight the police and people of cook county (Chicago) are getting nervous. . Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy are coming up with plans of their own to keep people from carrying on June 9th when constitutional carry will be automatically implicated.
The two are planning to have their own set of rules. a proposed concealed-carry ordinance that the sheriff wants the Cook County Board to approve. It’s like New York City's concealed-carry law, which requires background checks but also makes the applicant to show a specific need to be armed. In other words YOU CAN’T HAVE ONE!

"It's not some backdoor type of way to say, listen, let's just put something out there and then we're gonna deny everybody. That's not what we're trying to do here," Dart said. "We want to make sure, though, that it is something where it's directed at folks who clearly have issues of safety and security that needs to be addressed."

"You can't have a gun just because you want one," said McCarthy. "You would have a gun because you need one and you'd have to show the cause for that." A city and state with the highest crime rate in the USA and people have to kiss someone’s ass to protect themselves

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