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Stop the parade, we just ran over the bear with the fire truck (over the pond)

Firefighter just can’t seem to get a brake (pun intended) these days. Justin Matthews, a retained firefighter from Torrington was dressed up in a bear suit and walking along side of the fire truck waving at all the little kids when all of a sudden the fire truck in a turn caught his foot (you’re walking along at 3 mph, how the hell does this happen)

I am quoting this because it’s too funny. When you read this do it with an English accent:
"The fire engine was turning very slowly around the roundabout to back up towards Calf Street.

"As it turned, the bear was walking on the inside of the roundabout and it appears the front wheel caught him.

"The bloke who had been hit starting screaming 'back up, back up'. Because he had the bear head on I think he had not seen or heard the fire engine.

"It was a scene of horror. There were lots of families and children thinking 'oh my god' when they realised what had happened.

"He has broken his tibia in his left leg and his foot is swollen but other than that we don't think there are any other injuries. It just shows accidents can happen to anyone – even the emergency services aren't immune. (especially at 3 MPH)

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