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Biker bar fights are common but not when the cops are starting them (Arizona)

Cops are supposed to stop bar fights; not start them. Evidently a bunch of cops make up the Iron Brotherhood's Arizona chapter M/C club where tying on a good one when they decided to go to another bar and get in another club president's face and began to ask about the patches on his riding vest. A member of the president's group pushed the drunken cop out of the way and fist started to fly and the bar turned into a brawl. Bar fights aren't supposed to involve a biker gang made up of police officers carrying brass knuckles and knives

County Sheriff Scott Mascher said "It makes no sense to me, it was extremely poor judgment on their individual parts, their collective judgment, it's very, very unethical."

Quoted: As is often the case, it wasn't the crime, but the clumsy efforts to cover it up appear to have blown the lid off the Iron Brotherhood's Arizona chapter and its police officer members.

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