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Pharmacist didn't wanna share with a robber, pulls his own gun (Al)

A man walks into a bar…. Ooops wrong story… man walks into a pharmacy and asked to see the Pharmacist, chatted up some small talk when he seen others in the store and made up a reason to leave. He came back with a note on a paper towel (from his mother?) demanding drugs and a needle telling The Pharmacist he had a gun. The Pharmacist could tell he didn’t have a gun but the Pharmacist did and gave him a nice view of it. the Pharmacist tells the man to get on the floor but the would be thief bolts for the door and is gone. Police used dogs but lost the trail.

Investigators used surveillance photos to ID the suspect as 22-year-old Noah Jay Davis. Police went to his home and found Davis sleeping. After all robbing a pharmacy is tough work; Davis said it’s hard to sleep in jail with everyone staring at his ass

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