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A 49 year old grandson comes to grandmas aid with some #8 shot (Michigan)

A 49 year old grandson had a bad feeling when the monitoring system he set up to help keep tabs on grandma so he went over to check on her. Upon his arrival he realized she was robbed but because of her poor hearing and eye sight she didn’t see anyone. The cops came and made a report and the grandson said he brought along a gun and was staying the night.

Later that night the grandson hear a noise went to see what it was and noticed a strange car in the driveway with a female in the passenger seat. He went out to get a Lic plate # and must have startled the guy trying to break in for possibly a second time came running out and jumped in the car and tried to run the grandson over At this point, the grandson fired shots. He called for police just after 4 a.m. and reported the incident.

The suspect got away but in the process got hit with some bird shot and had to go to the hospital where he was arrested

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old enough to know better but too young to resist