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On golden pond it's not, wife saves husband with shotgun clubbing bear (Wisconsin)

A Wisconsin woman save’s her husband by clubbing a bear with a shotgun. The bear was attacking her husband who was saving the family dog. When Gerre Ninnemann seen the bear running after his dog maddy his 8 year old yellow lab he did what any dog owner would do; save the dog by any means possible. He then went outside and tried to call the dog inside, but the bear changed targets chasing and tackled Ninnemann, biting and clawing at his back.

Ninnemann managed to break free for a moment and ran to the corner of the cabin, but the bear mauled him again. His wife Marie found a shotgun in the cabin’s basement but she didn’t know how to load it properly. She instead took the weapon outsides hitting the bear in the head, allowing her husband to escape. The couple then escapted back to the cabin with the gun pointed at the bear.

The bear, which was only a year old, then continued to circle the cabin and looked into the windows. A local deputy later shot and killed the animal with "one shot," (bet it was a Glock) Ninneman said.

In the local real-estate adds: for sale one cabin, some exterior damage….cheap!

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