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Carjacking Crime spree stopped by a man with a gun (Oregon)

The crime spree began on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning with a call to police of a man driving the wrong way on a hwy. then the suspect identified by police as Jonathan Bryan Yager Jones drove into a hotel parking lot; while the vehicle was still moving he got out and let the vehicle free roll away. He needed another vehicle and spotted a young couple in a truck.

Suji Paek and Cuyler Zeigler, both 24, were waiting in their truck near the hotel’s entrance when the maroon-colored vehicle peeled into the parking lot. Jones opened the door, ripped Zeigler out of the driver’s seat and hopped inside.

“He was screaming at me to get out,” Paek said. “I was dumbstruck.”

He took off in the truck and drove northbound on interstate hitting two more cars as he took the exit toward Southeast Stark and Washington streets. At that point he needed another vehicle and pulled into Elmer’s restaurant where he thought he was going to jack his third vehicle.

But to his surprise the third victim wasn’t going to be one and when jones threatened him with the knife the unidentified driver pulled a gun causing jones to lose his knife and his courage sending him running for his life. Several people what had happened chased the suspect, restrained him until police showed up

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