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All this running is making me thirsty (FloriDUH)

The whole story started when a vigilant neighbor called the police about a man climbing up the side of a house and breaking in, they could hear things get tossed around as the thief was looking for the goods.

When two police officers arrived at the scene, they saw the thief pacing in and out of the house while wearing a T-shirt over his head. When an officer ordered the man to stop, he took off running and jumped over a fence, the chase was on.
They called in a K-9 unit and a helicopter to assist with what would be a long chase over a large neighborhood.

The helicopter pilot had a bead on the thief and was watching him as he made his way from yard to yard when all of a sudden he disappeared under a patio awning and disappeared briefly. The thief then re-emerged running from the home carrying two bottles of Heineken beer.

The thief was seen throwing the bottles while continuing to run but was finally caught by a K-9. Though out the whole chase the thief racked up numerous charges including the thief of two beers.

The thief say in a statement “I hate when people are rushing me when I want to drink a beer”

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