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Man tries to shoot wife 3 times but gun malfunctions (FloriDUH)

The luckiest person in Florida is not the $590 million dollar powerball jackpot winner but the estranged wife of Julio Villanueva-Vasque (her name withheld). This guy has a real obsession with his separated wife to the point he wanted to kill her so no one else could have her.

Vasquez vandalized the car of a friend who was visiting his estranged wife then trying to pry open the front door of home early Sunday morning. The wife heard noises as he tried to pry open the door and looked out to see him there. She grabbed a camera and opened the door to take a picture as proof of him being there and Vasquezo rushed inside

A domestic violence injunction had been in effect against the Vasque, but after all that is just paper and never stopped anyone.

A fight ensued before Vasque pulled a semi-auto handgun from his waist and pointed it at her chest and pulled the trigger. When the gun didn’t fire Vasquez then racked the slide twice and fired twice more, but still the gun malfunctioned. Vasquez fled the scene on foot and the cops were called. The woman positively identified Vasquez as her attacker.

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Posts: News / Man tries to shoot wife 3 times but gun malfunctions (FloriDUH)

Posted By: Michael
05/21/13 05:40 PM

did he forget to put a magazine in?
Posted By: Jayson
05/22/13 05:13 PM

What? It can happen.