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A 26 year old Woman fights back with a gun while being attacked (Michigan)

She went out to the barn to take care of her horse and she was grabbed from behind and the BG held a knife to her throat and gave her a verbal command “don’t do anything stupid.” But he went and stabbed her anyway even when she cooperated in the stomach and leg. Visibly shaken you can see the knife marks on her neck.

Having problems in the past Samantha was not without protection, she had a gun and wasn’t afraid to use it. Firing two shots at the attacker, she missed and he fled. Police brought out the dogs and set up a search area but in the country that took time and time was the attacker’s friend as he blended into the country side

This isn’t the first time the family has been attacked on their farm “This is the third time we’ve had the police out here and last time there was two people here.”

despite a knife-wielding attack and that it’s happened before, the police told the local station “there is no threat to the public”.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist