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What happens when you take away guns and people can't blow their brains out?

They jump out of buildings and sometimes land on others as did this man. This man jumped to his death but in the process took out a 5 year old too. At least with a gun he would have just killed himself. Let’s face it some people have the defective gene that allows them to commit suicide so why stop them and contaminate the rest of the world.

Here in the US suicide by gun is very common but what happens if you don’t have one, then jumping off a building seems to be a growing trend in other countries BUT in Korea it really seems to be the way to go (they must like the view on the way down).

South Korea sees 31 suicides for every 100,000 people each year, that is higher than and death rate by gun in the USA per 100,000 by 11%. So next time someone at the water cooler starts talking about how bad guns are remind them that tall building are not our friends either.

Here is a traveling tip if you go to a foreign country: bird shit is not the only thing falling out of the sky

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