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My shotgun is bigger than your shotgun; road rage floriDUH style

They don’t call it the gunshine state for nothing, two of Florida’s finest get into a road rage incident and stop on the side of Hwy 41 to go at it. That's when 23-year-old Brandon Nelson retrieved a pump action shotgun from the trunk car and cycled the pump action (thank god he is not stupid enough to carry it loaded) in a threating manner while arguing with the other driver, 30-year-old Jason Aitchison.

So what does Aitchison do: gets his shot gun from his Geo (surprised he can afford a gun) and retrieved a pistol grip 20 gauge shotgun (that’s a first for me…. Pistol gripped 20 gage) and approached Nelson, who had placed his weapon back in his trunk and gotten back in the car (the site of a 20 gage W/pistol grip will do that to a man). Before Nelson could drive off Aitchison pointed the shotgun at Nelson and tapped on the driver’s window.

As Nelson took off Aitchison was in hot pursuit not wanting to let things go. After a short bit Aitchison caught up and fired one shot into the back window shattering it and injuring the 17 year old passenger.

Nelson had enough and pulled into a Lowes parking lot where there were witnesses and Aitchison broke off and disappeared just too turn himself in a couple of hours later.

Both are charged with numerous crimes including Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon

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