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Ya just can't trust them burger king employee's; they are car thief's (CA)

Two robbers had a plan to pull up to a burger king; jump out, run in and rob the place while leaving the car running for a quick getaway. Just another robbery in the great state of California but they didn’t figure on an employee slipping out the back door and finding their car sitting there running so what did he do… what any 6.95 an hour employee would do… drive it off around the block while the robbery was taking place. After a successful robbery the two made a mad dash to their waiting……… where’s the car?

Well to make a long story short… they ran across a field and were picked up minutes later. But the bad news is the employee changed all the preset buttons on the radio… I hate that when someone takes your car and does that

you-tube... because a story like this needs a visual

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