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Chicago's revolving jail house policy; baby killer had 38 prior arrests

The story of a baby getting shot while her dad was changing her diaper in the minivan is a story that seems to be a sign of how bad the gang violence in Chicago but who did it and why would someone do such a heinous crime

The first thing that stands out when you read this article is the number of times the shooter was arrested; In this case the number is 38 and he was out again and this time to take a life. At the prime age of 33, Koman Willis is a known gang banger and police think he was looking for revenge for the thief of a video game when he shot up a van with the father (gang banger) and his 6 month old daughter killing her and putting the father in the hospital.

The shooter knew the cops where after him so he turned himself in with his lawyer at his side. You have to love how Chicago covers up the story so it doesn’t get posted as a gang violence. The superintendent said “this was not a case of gang violence even though the suspect and the victim's father have ties to gangs.”

God forbid if anyone sees that Chicago has a gang problem

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