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It was love at first sight; man steals mannequin at sex shop (wash) freak of the week

He wanted some company and what better woman to have then one that doesn’t talk much. A man walks into a sex shop and grabs the mannequin from the display window and takes off before anyone could stop him but drops the best part (the bottom) in his haste to get away. (Washington must be a lot of freaks because no one thought it was odd to see a man with half of a woman running down the street).

He must have gone home and made love to her and though “WOW” you need some new and sexy cloths. We can’t have you wearing the same old thing every day! So what does he do… he goes back to the same store and breaks in after they close ( wearing the mannequins wig no less) and steals her some new sexy clothing and a couple of sex toys (woman love sex toys) but was caught when he left a trail of sex toys for the cops to follow

As the police where taking him away you could hear him say “I’ll be back in 5 years; you will wait for me won’t you? Promises you’ll be faithful”

About the Author:
old enough to know better but too young to resist