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You can't arrest me I am a federal attorney; dispatch we have Taser deployment! (FloriDUH)

The woman told the Police she was a federal attorney and could not be detained in an assault case and cops showed her they could. Police were called to the home in Fort Walton Beach about an assault. Where they got there, a 44-year-old woman, refused to speak with officers, telling them, “I have nothing to say to you people.” When the office tries to ask questions and notify her of the charges she got irritated even more.

When the officer asked her name she said “I bet you do” and walked out of the house saying she was leaving, the officer followed outside and drew a Taser. The woman “why are you pointing a gun at me”. The officer explained it was a Taser and told her to drop her bag. She then got irate again “flailing her arms around,” and then she said “a federal attorney and couldn’t be detained.”

A five second burst from the Taser changed her mind; she was charged with resisting arrest without violence and obstruction by a disguised person.

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old enough to know better but too young to resist