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Video - A Recap of my First 3 Weeks at Camp Casey, Korea

Admittedly, shooting video is not my first priority while I'm deployed, my job is my first priority of course, however, I will shoot photos and videos when time and situations allow. That being said, here is a brief video recap of my first 3 weeks here at Camp Casey, Korea.

I work with a great group of soldiers, NCO's and officers and I am assigned to the best Battery in the Battalion. Life is good so far. Stay tuned for more!

Posts: News / Video - A Recap of my First 3 Weeks at Camp Casey, Korea

Posted By: barstoolguru
06/07/13 10:25 AM

looks like a lot of thing changed since I was there, we sleep in Korean war left over huts. that mountain in the rear of the camp has a concrete bunker at the top that gives a great view of the area around it. I bet its still there. I spent a 1 1/2 there from June 77 to Dec 78
Posted By: MyGunDiary
06/28/13 10:23 PM

Thank you for your service Bar stool guru! I doubt I'll find the bunker. Which hill? There are so many!

Posted By: barstoolguru
06/29/13 02:48 PM

it is the largest hill behind the camp and it faces north. If I remember right on the back side of that hill is a series of caves and then down in the valley there is a Buddhist monks temple that is a popular spot a lot of people like to visit along with a temple. don't blow all your money down on the strip but instead rent a girl for the weekend and take a bus ride down the coast to Pusan and see the city of Seoul . that is what I used to do, she can translate for you. take a lot of pics because in 30 years from now you will pull them out and wonder what happen to all the people you used to know.

camp Casey, Korea June 1977-Dec 1978

do your part and be a good soilder and life is good. one thing I will say is put inĀ for germany from their before you 6 month mark and most likey you will get transfered. for some reason they like poeple that are aready over seas to do a shift to another country instead of comming back to america