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Shrink turns in patient to police, breaks medic trust? Gets guns confiscated (Cal)

It gets to a point sometimes life just catches up to a person and they just need to vent and that is what Arthur Lovi did. He sat down with a therapist one day last August to talk about some things that were troubling him. He had high blood pressure, and his physician suggested he talk to someone.

So he seeked counseling at the VA they suggested another therapist so he went and he talked about how his wife died and that the doctor made a bad choice that cost her life. He was bitter and who wouldn’t be. As soon as he left the therapist called the police.

She told them she didn't think he would carry it out or that he was dangerous to himself or others, but she just wanted to do her job and report it.

The police called Lovi and asked if he had any guns and he told the truth and the police seemed satisfied after Lovi told them he had a valid FOID card.

But later on that night about 11PM they showed up and confiscated those guns without a warrant, all because a man needed to talk to someone

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