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The smoke shop wasn't the only thing that was smoking (FT Worth, Texas)

They say nothing good happens after midnight and in some cases that is true but too two workers in a smoke shop with line machines they will tell you different. Busy with the night chores of cleaning and running the place gave the gun toting robber the chance he needed to make a move. Pulling a gun and demanding money from one of the employee’s, he gave him the keys to the register but didn’t tell him which one opened it. As he fumbled the co-worker emerged and was informed they were being robbed. The coworker told him to freeze and when he didn’t the coworker shot him then called the cops.

The robber was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. He didn’t get any money but they did give him a coupon for 5 free spin and a churro on his next visit

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old enough to know better but too young to resist